Split Type Light Oil Burners BNFT Series

 Light oil burner     |      2020-07-02 16:18
split type light oil burner

split type burner Feature of BNFT2L-45L

1.The power range of BNFT series full-automatic separated type burner is 42MW,it can be equipped with the suitable fan according to the combustion power,boiler back pressure and different fuel.Both the program controller and flame detector have 24-hour self detection of flame signal.
2.The full-automatic fuel oil burners are specially designed for the supremely accurate adjusting ratio,therefore,BTFA series burner has wide range in the power output control.
3.Fuel atomization type:optional high pressure mechanical atomization or low pressure medium atomization.
4.The main oil pipeline is mounted at the burner body,individual oil pump unit,including the oil pump and oil filter.
5.According to the boiler hearth size,the flame length and diameter may be set by adjusting the angle of secondary air cyclone plate. This function is specially provided for the different manufacturers boiler hearths.
6.There are kinds of control modes, the standard configuration is the mechanical scale, however, it can be set according to the different operation demands,for instance, the electronic-scale oxygen controller, electronic-scale control dual-fuel combustion system, etc…
Parameter Of BNFT2L-45L
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