Coke Oven Coal Gas Burner

 Coal Gas Burner     |      2020-07-03 16:17

BNCJ Series coke oven gas burner used in today's world of advanced combustion technology, with reference to international and domestic standards manufacturing mechanical and electrical integration of the automatic separation burning coke oven gas burner, the products are widely used in steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler, direct-fired lithium bromide air conditioning unit, air heating furnace and other industrial kiln, etc.
BNCJ Series coke oven gas burner has a wide power coverage and is suitable for boiler tonnage 1T/h to 40T/h.
Due to the low calorific value of coke oven gas, and most of it has not been purified or treated thoroughly, the gas contains coal tar, dust and other substances that are easy to block the pipeline. Therefore, the ordinary burner cannot achieve long-term continuous operation when using coke oven gas.
BNCJ Series of coke oven gas burners for coke oven gas low calorific value, low gas pressure and high impurity content and design of the special burner, both retained the one-piece automatic burner combustion stability is good, high safety performance, but also has the coke oven gas resources can be fully and safely use of the characteristics of good product is the use of coke oven gas.
Adaptive fuel:2200kcal/Nm3≤Gas calorific value≤4500kcal/Nm3.
After the corresponding parts are modified according to the requirements, it can adapt to high temperature combustion air below 250 ℃.

Model Maximum Output Control Mode Blower Power Match the Boiler 
KW 104xkcal/h KW T/h
BNCJ 70 930 80 Sliding two-stage or modulating control 2.2 1
BNCJ 140 1860 160 5.5 2
BNCJ 280-1 2790 240 7.5 3
BNCJ 280 3720 320 11 4
BNCJ 350 4650 400 11 5
BNCJ 420 5580 480 15 6
BNCJ 560 7255 624 22 8
BNCJ 700 9070 780 30 10
BNCJ 1050 13125 1128 45 15
BNCJ 1400 17440 1500 55 20
BNCJ 1750 21800 1875 75 25
BNCJ 2100 26160 2250 75 30
BNCJ 2450 30520 2625 110 35
BNCJ 2800 34880 3000 132 40

Features of Our COG Coke Oven Coal Gas Burner For Boiler, Furnace And Industrial Kiln:  

1>. Fully automatic operation, suitable for a wide range of power;
2>. Gas pressure protection, air pressure protection;
3>. Prepurge the furnace;
4>. Safe flame monitoring system;
5>. When the burner stops, the damper automatically closes;
6>. Dual gas shut-off valve, gas valve group automatic leak detection;
7>. Siemens LMV Electronic proportional control system(optional);
8>. The flue gas oxygen quantity feedback regulation, adapts the fuel gas which the calorific value changes in certain scope, realizes the energy conservation(optional).