environmentally friendly wood chip biomass pellet fuel burner

 News     |      2021-07-14 11:05
environmentally friendly wood chip biomass pellet fuel burner

In the process of using biomass burners, various problems will be encountered. Among them, the reduction of the combustion rate of biomass burners is a very common problem worthy of people’s consideration. If the burning rate of biomass burners decreases, it will As a result, the heat generated by it will not meet the demand, and biomass fuel will be wasted.
The biomass burner uses a dedicated biomass pellet fuel. This biomass pellet fuel is produced by a series of processing and production from leftover wood materials in agriculture and forestry, such as straw, waste wood, and wood chips. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly renewable resources, and the use cost is much lower than coal, oil, natural gas and other energy sources. Biomass pellet fuel has the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, low cost, and energy saving. Therefore, the quality of biomass pellet fuel is important for biomass combustion. The combustion rate of the biomass has a significant impact. If you buy poor-quality biomass pellet fuel, it will directly affect the combustion rate of the biomass burner. In addition, it cannot be due to the production volume during the operation and use of the biomass burner. If the amount of biomass pellet fuel input exceeds the specified capacity of the biomass burner, the combustion rate of the biomass burner will decrease, so in order to avoid biomass burning The machine has a problem of reduced combustion rate.
1. When buying a biomass burner, you must choose a regular manufacturer to ensure that the quality of the biomass burner is qualified. The next step is to buy biomass pellet fuel. Biomass pellet fuel is a consumable. In the early stage, we will not distinguish the quality of biomass pellet fuel. First, buy some for experimentation. If the effect is good, you can purchase in large quantities. Before you buy, understand the reputation of the biomass pellet fuel, and you can buy good quality biomass pellet fuel. Ensure that the fuel rate of the biomass burner meets the standard.
2. If the combustion rate of the biomass burner is found to be reduced during use, check whether the burner is blocked. If it is found to be blocked, shut down and clean up immediately. Pay attention to frequent cleaning and inspection during daily maintenance. For the occurrence of biomass burners Pay attention to the records of various problems to prevent recurrence.
3. Carefully check the vents of the equipment. If the vent speed is too large or too small, as well as uneven bottom wind, etc., it will cause the fuel rate of the biomass burner to decrease. After the inspection, if an abnormality is found, it should be operated in time according to the actual situation. The specification adjusts the ventilation rate to a correct range.