What should be paid attention to in the maintenance and commissioning of gas burner?

 News     |      2020-06-30 17:24

What should be paid attention to in the maintenance and commissioning of gas burner?

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1. In case of continuous failure of the secondary combustion program of the gas burner, the burner shall be shut down to check whether the gas supply system of the burner is normal, whether the circuit is connected correctly, and whether the burner can be restarted after the fault is removed.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use spanner or metal rod percussion, friction, so as to avoid static electricity or sparks, which may cause gas explosion.

3. Smoking, welding, cutting and other illegal operations are strictly prohibited in the air supply valve set or the flange face of the pipeline.

4. It is strictly prohibited to conduct any open fire test near the pipeline, valve block and pressure regulating valve to avoid serious accidents.

5. Test whether there is fuel in the air supply line, usually gas low pressure test.

6. In the air supply pipe, it is evacuated, but there are residual gas or liquid drops on the wall of the pipe.In the case of electrostatic sparks and open flames, it can also cause combustion and explosion.

7. When the supply air line is ventilated and the valve block fails, it needs to be removed.First, the valve at the front end of the block must be cut off and then the gas from the pipe from the main valve to the block must be removed and serviced before the set is removed and serviced.

8. During debugging, the gas must be strictly, safely and efficiently.

9. Do not use non-explosion-proof power tools on site.
10. The VPS504 leak detection device must be checked before use.

11. It is recommended to use 11.6 million Dakar and above burners to use THE VPS504 leak detection equipment.If the user does not match, the customer will be responsible for the accident.

12. Before starting the burner, the gas supply pressure must be tested for leaks.After confirming normal operation, simulate operation.

13. Detailed instructions for safe operation of customers.

14. When the burner is not in use, tell the customer to cut off the air supply main valve and main power switch.

15. It is not recommended to debug the gas engine at night.

16. At the end of commissioning, organize operator training on operational direction and establish operational flow if necessary.