What is a split type burner? What are the advantages?

 News     |      2021-08-07 10:52

split type burner
1. Definition: the so-called split burner means that the combustion auxiliary fan is not arranged on the body of the burner, but in a space in a specialized ventilator room or boiler room.Electronic proportional control and air grading combustion technology in the large furnace three burning zones are formed.Namely pyrolysis zone, oxygen - poor zone and oxygen - rich zone.The entire combustion process reduces the formation of the thermal type N0x When the generation of fuel type N0x is inhibited, reducing the total emission of NOx, and achieving the requirement of efficient and low NOx combustion.

2. Advantages: the fan can be selected according to different working conditions of the wind pressure air volume, or burning hot air to increase the combustion efficiency rate, another reason is that a high-power burner means a more high-power fan motor, with the weight of the motor in addition, the use of all-in-one machines will make the suspension a significant safety hazard.This kind of machine usually has a power of 4000KW to use.