Three methods can adjust the damper of methanol fuel boiler burner

 News     |      2021-07-13 11:12
Three methods can adjust the damper of methanol fuel boiler burner
The dampers of the methanol boiler burner mainly adjust the intake air volume and control the main functions of combustion. The damper is used to adjust the amount of air entering the combustion chamber. It is directly related to the combustion effect of the combustion chamber. There are three ways to adjust the damper of the methanol fuel boiler burner.
1. Manually adjustable air door
Low-nitrogen boiler burners All single-stage control methanol boiler burners adopt manually adjustable dampers. First, loosen the fixing screw on the air door, then adjust the opening of the air door according to the methanol injection volume to match the combustion air and methanol injection volume, and then tighten the fixing screw.
2. Servo motor adjustable damper
The second mode damper of the low-nitrogen boiler burner is a servo motor adjustable damper, which uses the rotation angle of the servo motor to control the opening of the damper.
Clutch button: When pressed, the cam and the shaft are separated. After the setting is completed, press again and then bounce, the cam and the shaft are combined
1. The first-class fire damper adjusting cam;
2. Secondary fire damper adjusting cam;
3. Two-stage solenoid valve action cam;
4. Close completely, that is, open the damper when closed;
Opening degree setting relationship: 1> 4> 3> 2
3. Limit type adjusting damper
The two-stage controlled methanol fuel boiler burner has two combustion states. In the first state, the first stage flame burns alone, which requires less combustion air. In the second combustion state, the first and second stage flames burn at the same time. More combustion air is needed. Therefore, the valve also has two opening degrees. The boiler burner has two types of adjustable dampers.
1. When the methanol boiler burner does not start or stop, please adjust the limit screw on the damper actuator to control the amount of air required for the first-stage flame;
2. After setting the first-stage air inlet value, connect the second-stage temperature control line. At this time, the alcohol boiler burner will start with a small fire and automatically ignite the secondary flame for about 10 seconds; now you can enter the second stage of time combustion and air distribution adjustment. This methanol damper adjustment method is not only economical , And greatly extend the service life of the methanol boiler burner.