The problem of biomass pellets burner's burning material

 News     |      2020-06-30 17:19
The combustion machine USES biomass particles as fuel to heat the equipment. However, the problem of material sticking in the combustion machine is very common. How to solve this problem we must repair the gas pipeline to find out the cause of the problem.
biomass pellet burner

The cause of material sticking in the burner can be generally considered from two aspects:

1. Machine problems
2. Fuel.
To solve this problem we need to look at our machine and see what is wrong with the burning machine?


There are several reasons why:

1. Feeding rod
2. Feeding port
3. Backfiring baffle
4, motor, generally cause card materials are associated with these things, feeding rod deformation, jams, assembly position offset, feed opening jams, tempering prevention baffle is too large and cause the feed section of smaller, the motor connection error, power is too small, or overload start and inversion can cause burning machine CARDS, as long as these problems to the corresponding adjustment can timely rectification can be solved.
The fuel problem is whether you are using the fuel specifications and your combustion machine is corresponding, the fuel is too long or your fuel in the debris too much, too much dust, to solve the fuel problem is very simple, is the gas pipeline maintenance, you can only find the reason to solve the problem of burning machine stuck material.
Pointed out that to strengthen the development and utilization of renewable energy, is the only way to cope with the increasingly serious energy and environmental problems and sustainable development of human society there will be road, burning machine is not only beneficial to environmental protection as well as the effective use of biomass energy, solve the common problems in combustion machine, to our life and work has greatly benefits.