The perfect match of industrial burner and boiler

 News     |      2021-10-28 15:57
The perfect match of industrial burner and boiler
If a fully automatic industrial oil (gas) burner with good performance is installed on a boiler, whether it still has the same good combustion performance depends largely on whether the aerodynamic characteristics of the two match. Only a good match can give full play to the performance of the burner, ensure the stable combustion of the furnace, achieve the expected thermal energy output, and obtain the good thermal efficiency of the boiler.
A single-unit automatic burner is like a flamethrower, which injects flame into the furnace (combustion chamber) to achieve complete combustion and output heat in the furnace; the burner manufacturer determines the combustion completeness of the product in It is carried out in a specific standard combustion chamber. Therefore, the standard experimental conditions are generally used as the selection conditions for burners and boilers.
The power of the burner refers to how much mass (kg) or volume (m3/h, under standard conditions) fuel can be burned per hour when fully burned, and the corresponding heat energy output (kw/h or kcal/h) ). The boiler is calibrated for steam production and fuel consumption at the same time. The two must match when selecting.
In an oil (gas) boiler, the hot air flow starts from the burner and is exhausted to the atmosphere through the furnace, heat exchanger, flue gas collector and smoke exhaust pipe, forming a fluid thermal process. The hot air flow generated after combustion, the upstream pressure head flows in the furnace channel, just like the water in the river, the level difference (drop, water head) flows downstream.