The influence of low-nitrogen combustion technology on boilers

 News     |      2020-11-10 11:11
In recent years, low-nitrogen combustion technology has been widely used in burner manufacturers. It reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides by changing the combustion conditions of the combustion equipment, and uses a part of the lower temperature flue gas to return to the combustion zone with lower oxygen content, thereby reducing the temperature and oxygen concentration of the combustion zone, thereby inhibiting nitrogen oxides The generation.

The new low-nitrogen conversion standard has been established, and the nitrogen content emission standard of oil (gas) boilers in Beijing will be required to meet the standard before July 1, 2017, and the emission of nitrogen oxides is expected to be lower in the future . Low-nitrogen combustion technology will also be applied to various industries with combustion equipment, and low-nitrogen combustion technology will also be greatly improved.

The influence of low-nitrogen burners on the operation of the boiler is mainly affected by the design of the boiler and the quality of the coal used. Through combustion adjustment, secondary air ratio, SOFA air ratio, the steam temperature parameters of some plants have basically reached the design value, and the fly ash combustibles have been significantly reduced. Secondly, after the transformation of the low-nitrogen burner, the change in the temperature field in the furnace will have a greater impact on the flue gas temperature and steam temperature characteristics at the furnace outlet. The fouling and slagging situation of the water wall will be greatly improved, the heat absorption of the water wall in the furnace will increase, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace will drop, and the superheated steam temperature and reheat steam temperature of the boiler will drop. The changes in the steam temperature characteristics of the boiler after the low-nitrogen combustion reformation are mainly affected by the above two factors. Which factor is dominant depends on the design of the boiler and the quality of the coal used.

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