The birth of low-nitrogen burners for green environment development

 News     |      2021-09-09 17:12
The birth of low-nitrogen burners for green environment development
Everyone knows that burners are mainly divided into three categories: oil, gas, and coal. Industrial burners are mainly used in boilers, industrial furnaces, smelting furnaces, incinerators, drying equipment, kitchen equipment, food drying equipment, paint baking equipment, ironing equipment, industrial annealing furnaces, drying equipment, road construction machinery and equipment, textiles In various thermal energy industries such as singeing machines and asphalt heating equipment, burners are needed in all industrial situations where fuel is burned to heat materials or react. Due to the wide range of application fields of burners, how to protect the environment has always been an issue that people will emphatically consider.
The development of burners to today's diversified forms has come a long way. From the simple assembly of several sets of air and gas openings in the early furnaces and ovens to the special burners that can meet different needs, they are increasingly developing in the direction of environmental protection, which is the low-nitrogen burner that is often mentioned now. The burner has undergone profound changes in theory and structure, which has greatly promoted the development of the current industry. Of course, the continuous development of the burner is also inseparable from those burner research and development and production enterprises.
In order to meet the requirements of different processes, people have designed a variety of burners, and with the development of the gas industry, they have continuously created new burners. The future development direction of burners will be more dependent on industry and The needs of the environment. With advanced burner innovation technology, we have a foothold in the industry to achieve high-quality complete machine sales, abundant supply of spare parts, standardized after-sales service, and timely information feedback. High-quality products, efficient services and professional technical force will surely meet the needs of customers in various fields. Under the main theme of green development in the future, as environmental protection, the burner, which is a weapon for energy saving and emission reduction, will surely be popularized and used on a larger scale.
Low-nitrogen burner manufacturer Zhengzhou Bona Heat Energy Equipment Co., Ltd (BNTET) operates industrial furnace gas (natural gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, producer gas, water gas, blue charcoal exhaust, biogas, calcium carbide furnace exhaust, gas, yellow phosphorus exhaust, etc.) Carbon black tail gas, liquefied gas, hydrogen, etc.) burners, fuel oil (light oil, fuel oil, heavy oil, residual oil, waste oil, etc.) burners, low-nitrogen burners and their supporting products. These burners are used in industrial boilers, Industrial furnaces. Extensive service in petrochemical, coal coking, steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, building materials, hardware, highway construction and other companies not only provide foreign high-performance products and high-quality services. It is more important to bring the concepts of energy saving and environmental protection to China and create a green burning era. Gradually become the industry leader in thermal energy technology, control technology and regulation technology.