Standard operation of oil burner

 News     |      2020-10-15 16:14

The light diesel oil used must be cleaned, please pay attention to punctual cleaning of the fuel tank and oil filter; under normal operating conditions, change the oil nozzle once a year, and replace the elastic coupling and the rubber parts on the coupling once a year and a half; prevent foreign matter from entering Wind channel. The application site of the oil burner should be far away from flammable and explosive materials, and rescue equipment should be equipped to adjust the oil pressure appropriately according to the indicated value of the oil pressure; check the combustion tube, impeller, flame detector and ignition electrode on time to eradicate oil pollution and carbon deposits. In particular, the flame detector should be kept clean and free from water; it is necessary to block the power supply when protecting the oil burner. Before using the oil burner, clean up the residue in the combustion boiler, add new biomass pellet fuel, and then close the material tank lid. Before starting the operation, check all circuits and water pipes to check whether there are any abnormalities such as leakage or damage to the circuit. Check whether the water pipes are leaking to avoid water leakage. Check whether the cooling water in the water tank is full, and then open the fuel-burning engine cooling valve to debug the air supply. It is recommended that the feeding system gradually increase the amount of biomass pellet fuel. The whole process will continue for three to five minutes. The whole process is to ensure that the fuel burner is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Only when the biomass burner is operated in strict accordance with the operating instructions can it be adjusted to ensure that the fuel burner can fully burn and exert a great effect.

The fuel burner uses biomass pellet fuel as fuel, which can complete the regeneration and repeated use of material resources, ensuring that no pollutants are generated during the combustion process. At the same time, the energy saving of the fuel burner is also very good, and only a small amount of biomass is needed. Material pellet fuel can generate huge heat energy. In the application, it is necessary to ensure sufficient combustion to avoid waste of resources. If the fuel burner is used for a long period of uninterrupted combustion to generate heat energy, corresponding protective measures must be taken to avoid Defects and insufficient combustion in the operation process constitute a waste of biomass pellet fuel. Pay attention to environmental protection during use. The oil burner is a kind of equipment that can reduce combustion pollution, energy saving and environmental protection. However, if it is not operated in accordance with the operating instructions during use, it will cause insufficient combustion, causing pollution and waste of resources. Therefore, when we operate and use oil burners We must follow the operating instructions for standardized use, so that we can adjust and save resources and achieve greater use of resources.