Special burner for rotary kiln

 News     |      2020-11-09 13:10

Features of special burner for rotary kiln:

Applicable fuel for rotary kiln burner: light oil, heavy oil, residual oil, natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and producer gas, etc.; the thermal load range of the rotary kiln: designed according to user requirements, up to 2500*10㈣Kcal /h;

The burner for the special high temperature resistant rotary kiln is made of special high temperature resistant materials (high temperature resistance up to 1350℃), which can work stably in the high temperature rotary kiln and has a long service life; the heads of the burners for the rotary kiln adopting water cooling structure are all used Made of high temperature resistant materials, the outer wall of the combustion head adopts a sandwich structure, and the combustion head is cooled by cooling water in the sandwich;

The low-nitrogen burner adopts a unique design inside, the fuel and combustion air are evenly mixed, the fuel is completely burned, and the combustion efficiency is high; the medium and high-pressure fan is used to provide the combustion air, the flame injection is strong and the flame shape is good.

Combustion is a subject with rich content and strong practicality. In the past, due to low production levels, low technical requirements for combustion processes and equipment, and low heating intensity, various combustion devices and equipment can be designed and manufactured based on the mastered experience and laws. But now, especially the rapid development of jet and rocket technology, it is required to manufacture combustion devices with high heat generation intensity and wide operating range, and it is increasingly inclined to burn at high temperature, high pressure and high speed.

Therefore, only relying on past experience and limited experimentation cannot achieve this goal. At this time, it was discovered that the lack of knowledge and understanding of the basic combustion process would hinder the smooth progress of new design and trial production. This forces a fundamental in-depth study of the combustion process in order to have correct theoretical guidance in design, trial production and testing. While carrying out a lot of basic research on the combustion process, the burner for rotary kiln gradually formed a new and rapidly developing basic subject combustion.