Safe operation rules for industrial gas burners

 News     |      2020-06-30 16:30

I. Start-up operation of gas burner:

1. For the newly installed furnace body of the gas burner, before commissioning, it shall carefully test whether the gas meets the requirements of the burner;Check whether the testing instrument on the air supply pipeline is normal and whether the valve of the pipeline is open and closed normally, and whether it is convenient for future use and maintenance.

2. For newly installed pipelines, carefully check the installation reliability and sealing of all pipelines.

3. Users of separate gasification stations should ensure that the air supply quantity and gas supply parameters meet the requirements of safe combustion.

4. Operators should read the operating instructions carefully and master the knowledge and methods of safe operation.

5. Check whether the gas valve is open before starting each time, otherwise the burner will not work.

6. Start the power control on the control cabinet by pressing the button. At this time, the digital display table will show the current furnace temperature, which is the ambient temperature for the newly installed furnace.

7. Start the fan control button and the fan installed on the furnace body will work. If the fan damages the control cabinet, it will be automatically protected from the next step.

8. When the combustion-supporting fan works without any abnormal phenomena, start the combustion control button again. At this time, the combustion program controller starts to work.

9. When the combustion controller receives a signal that is not favorable to combustion (e.g., failed ignition, unstable air pressure, circuit problem), etc., the combustion controller will immediately turn off the gas and issue an alarm signal.

10. If the combustion controller alarms, it must be manually reset by the operator after the fault is solved before it can continue to work.

11. For the operation of the whole equipment, operators should refer to the furnace safety operation rules and production process requirements for operation.

12, according to the production process needs to adjust the control temperature, the operator should refer to the intelligent CNC table manual adjustment.

Ii. Operation of fuel gas combustion engine:

1.There are two kinds of shutdown: when the temperature in the furnace reaches the set value, it will be shut down automatically. At this time, the operator does not have to operate anything. When the temperature in the furnace is lower than the set value, the controller will start up automatically.

2. In the case of manual shutdown and shift shutdown, the operator shall start the machine in the reverse order (1. First turn off the combustion control button; 2. Then turn off the fan button; 3. Finally turn off the power supply and press button; 4.

3. In case of long shutdown time, the operator should close the valve of gas pipeline to avoid gas leakage.