Purpose and product characteristics of hydrogen burner

 News     |      2020-07-22 17:46

Many people have heard of gas burner, fuel burner, even many people have used, today we have a unusual burner, he is hydrogen gas burner, what is the hydrogen gas burner, he has what purpose, what is the distinguishing feature of hydrogen gas burner, the following is short, hope to need hydrogen gas burner friends and hydrogen burner enterprise useful.

Use of hydrogen burners


In some industrial production processes or scientific research in China, hydrogen is sometimes needed as fuel to heat high-purity working medium or to achieve a specific uniform high temperature temperature field. In this case, hydrogen burners with high temperature resistance and reliable performance are needed.

In addition, as a clean fuel, hydrogen, a by-product produced in industrial production, is a convenient and cost-effective fuel utilization method.

Industrial hydrogen burners use industrial hydrogen as fuel. In industrial enterprises with hydrogen resources, the rich hydrogen resources can be directly used as the power source for production and applied to industrial production and scientific research with hydrogen resources.


Product features of hydrogen burner

When hydrogen and air are mixed, there is a risk of explosion at 20℃ and atmospheric pressure when the hydrogen content of the mixture is between 4.1% and 74.2% (by volume).Hydrogen burners are completely different from ordinary gas burners, and the field conditions for hydrogen fuel use must be standardized and reliable.

Industrial hydrogen burners are designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard safe Technical Specification for hydrogen Use (GB 4962). Hydrogen burners are characterized by safety and reliability, stable performance and uniform temperature field. The burners are made of special materials, high temperature resistant and long service life.

Industrial hydrogen burners also have the following characteristics:

(1) Good combustion stability, no tempering, safe and reliable.

(2) High combustion efficiency, flame shape can be adjusted.

(3) Wide range of burner flow adjustment and strong adaptability.

(4) Burner accessories complete, easy to operate.