Precautions for maintenance of biomass hot blast stove

 News     |      2020-11-07 17:15

The main focus of the biomass hot blast stove series is the hot blast stove. The hot blast stove is a device that burns fuel to heat the air to produce hot blast. The medium in the hot blast stove is air. The flue gas produced by burning coal is used to directly heat the air to produce a constant temperature. Pollution-free clean hot air for subsequent production use. It is composed of several simple parts such as coal-burning machine, high-temperature gas purification room and air mixing room. The high-temperature gas purification room is built of refractory materials, and the high-temperature flue gas is subjected to secondary combustion in the purification room, and a small amount of dust entrained in the coal combustion process is polymerized and settled at high temperature in the purification room.

Large-scale equipment must be overhauled regularly to ensure safety on the one hand and reduce losses on the other. As a gas hot blast stove is no exception, regular maintenance is necessary.

1. When repairing hot blast stoves, use blind plates or other reliable cut-off devices to prevent gas from entering from adjacent gas pipes, and strictly implement the operating license system; gas protection personnel should be monitored on site.

2. The following regulations shall be observed when the internal maintenance and cleaning of the hot blast stove are carried out;

1. The gas pipeline should be isolated by blind plates. All valves except the flue valve should be closed and the power supply of the valve should be cut off;

2. The furnace should be well ventilated, the carbon monoxide concentration should be below 24ppm, the oxygen content should be between 18% and 21% (volume concentration), and the gas composition should be analyzed every 2h.

3. When repairing the partition wall of the hot blast stove, use steel to support the partition to prevent the upper brick from falling off.

3. During the internal maintenance of the hot air pipe, the manhole should be opened to prevent the hot air from entering.

4. The hot blast stove must have water to cool down.