Performance characteristics of oil and gas dual-purpose burner

 News     |      2022-10-19 15:22
The oil and gas dual-purpose burner is an energy-saving burner developed by users who meet the shortage of fuel gas supply,which needs to be supplemented by some oil materials,and the mixed combustion of fuel oil and gas or intermittent combustion.The dual-material burner is composed of a central oil gun and a multi-head inner mixing pipe,which can be used for single fuel oil or gas,and can also be used for oil and gas mixed combustion.
Performance characteristics of oil and gas dual-purpose burner:
1.The basic structure of this product is composed of a plurality of internal gas mixing pipes and an oil gun located in the center of the combustion chamber.The internal mixing pipe is not only used for gas fuel mixing when gas is fired,but also used to supply primary gas when fueling,so that the entire The burner is simplified as a single oil burner,and it is only necessary to supply the gas source when gas is required.
2.The Oil and gas burner automatic control system can be designed according to the user's needs as segment fire type,damper adjustment proportional type,frequency conversion adjustment proportional type,touch screen digital control,industrial computer frequency conversion adjustment proportional type and other control methods.
3.Oil types:residual oil,heavy oil,light oil,crude oil;gas is natural gas,coal gas and other combustible gases.
4.Configure flameout protection,program ignition,leak detection,over-temperature,over-pressure protection and other functions according to user needs.In addition to automatic control,oil types can be manually operated:residual oil,heavy oil,light oil,crude oil;natural gas,gas and other combustible gases.
5.Any ratio of fuel and gas can be supplemented and adjusted.

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