Introduction to the core technology of integrated low NOx burners

 News     |      2020-09-17 14:11
At present, more than 95% of the burners used in China are imported products, and no domestically produced products constitute a production scale. As natural gas gradually replaces coal, a large number of coal-fired boilers need to be converted into gas-fired boilers. The design of the breathing hole is so unique. One of the questions is, why is there a vent on the edge of the upper valve cover?

Drill a hole in the edge of the valve cover so that it fits against the rubber film. If the pressure in the lower cavity is too high, the rubber membrane will expand and immediately block the breathing hole, preventing the air in the upper cavity from being discharged from the breathing hole. According to Boyle's law, a certain mass of air is enclosed in the upper cavity, and when its volume decreases, the pressure increases. PV=constant. To prevent the damage of the rubber membrane caused by the excessive pressure difference between the upper and lower sides, and avoid the attack of LPG leakage caused by the rupture of the diaphragm. The diameter of the breathing hole is 0.8mm, but the depth of the hole is about 1cm. Here, the general knowledge of fluid mechanics has been fully applied.

When the fluid moves, due to the blocking effect, internal friction will occur. The smaller the hole area, the deeper the hole, the greater the internal friction, the greater the damping effect, and the smaller the flow rate per second. In this way, the Senate is exhaling and inhaling, there is a long process, and then dynamically changing to ensure that the increase and decrease of the pressure of the LPG is not a rapid increase, rather than a rapid decrease, which can make the flame burn stably. , Reflects the dynamic balance process of supervision.

The methanol fuel burner adopts the best acid pump, which has the characteristics of high pressure, long service life and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for intermittent working mode. It will not fail due to the long time of the machine (compared to the electromagnetic pump burner). The combustion cost of biomass burners is 75% less than electricity, 60% less than fuel, 50% less than natural gas, 40% less than liquefied gas, and no pollution. The inner liner of the biomass burner is composed of zirconium and silicon crystals, which are fired in a high-temperature furnace after high-pressure pouring. It needs to be burned for 3 days at a high temperature above 1000 ℃, without porosity, long-lasting high temperature resistance, and good heat preservation effect. Low-nitrogen burner manufacturers pointed out that the methanol boiler burner is the core component of the gas boiler, especially the new methanol boiler burner. The methanol boiler burner is a fully automatic integrated burner with functions such as automatic combustion-supporting fan, automatic ignition, flameout protection, automatic air-to-fire ratio adjustment, and automatic adjustment of combustion conditions according to parameters.

Save energy, improve safety performance and product quality, and reduce operating labor intensity. At present, the automatic mechatronics methanol boiler burners used in gas boilers, air conditioners, etc. basically use imported products, such as black and white, etc. There is no report on the use of methanol boiler burners in China. Methanol boiler burners can be widely used in various gas industrial furnaces, gas water heaters, gas boilers, air conditioners and other equipment.