How to use the modified low NOx burners?

 News     |      2020-09-17 14:06
Energy saving and emission reduction is a basic national policy of China. The supply of oil resources is insufficient and fuel prices continue to rise. Therefore, it is necessary to use low-cost alcohol-based fuels to replace energy sources. This has been rapidly applied abroad. The company specializes in the development of alcohol series burners, which use alcohol fuel, methanol, ethanol, biofuel and other liquid combustion. In order to make fuel burn well, it is necessary to improve the quality of fuel atomization and mix the oil mist with air. Through the burner to achieve. Burner is the key equipment of oil-fired boiler, which is composed of fuel injection part (atomizer), air conditioner part, incineration stabilizing device, electrical system, motor, servo motor, etc.

Burner instructions: After power-on, the burner starts, and an electric spark is generated between the combustion electrodes. After about 13 seconds of pre-blowing, the oil pump solenoid valve opens automatically, and the nozzle is pierced by the spark to ignite the flame. At this time, the flame detector senses the flame brightness and the controller is locked. The combustion electrode stops burning with a delay of about 15 seconds, and the burner enters the normal working state. If the incineration is unsuccessful, no flame is formed, or the flame detector does not feel the brightness of the flame, after about 10 seconds for safety, the safety alarm system is activated, the process starts to block the burner, and the fault red light.

The ultra-low nitrogen burner manufacturer pointed out that when the burner is just starting, if the flame detector feels brightness, the safety system will operate, the controller will not enter the normal program, the solenoid valve will not open, and the nozzle will not spray oil. After about 10 minutes At safe time, the red light will be wrong. Therefore, when starting the burner, be sure to cover the flame detector when there is light, and do not let it see the light until the burner has flame, immediately release the flame detector, otherwise the burner will not work normally . The burner is red and restarts after 3 minutes.

The incineration stabilization device is composed of a transformer, an incineration electrode, etc. The combustion stabilization device is composed of an air conditioning plate and a combustion head. The electrical system consists of a flame sensor, a combustion program controller, and a fuel heating controller. Motor Servo motor provides power for Phoenix, oil pump, air valve adjustment and oil return adjustment.

The low-nitrogen burner manufacturer introduces the product features: 1. The fuel is easy to buy, the price is cheap, and the cost is 20~30% less than using diesel or liquefied gas. 2. High thermal efficiency and strong firepower. 3. Emission reduction: carbon dioxide and water after combustion. 4. Environmental protection: no smoke, no irritating smell, no oil drops, no residue, no black pot bottom, no carbon deposits, clean equipment and environment. 5. Safety: Water can be extinguished in case of fire. 6. Convenience: The fuel is stored, transported and used under normal temperature and pressure. Ordinary iron drums or plastic drums can be stored. 7. The gas turbine is equipped with automatic program controller and electric eye protection probe, and adopts imported original electromagnetic pump and nozzle. Stable quality maintenance is very convenient.