How to extend the service life of industrial boiler methanol burner

 News     |      2021-07-13 11:09
How to extend the service life of industrial boiler methanol burner

Industrial boiler methanol burner is a new type of combustion tool and a new type of heating equipment. Devices that make fuel and air spray mixed combustion in a certain way are collectively referred to as a kind of machinery to a certain extent. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to daily maintenance. Only in this way can we extend the service life of the methanol burner, ensure its use efficiency, and increase our work efficiency. Let me explain it to you.
1. The light diesel oil used must be clean. Please pay attention to clean the oil tank and oil filter regularly.
2. Under normal use of the industrial methanol burner, change the oil nozzle once a year, and the elastic coupling and the rubber parts on the coupling once a year and a half.
3 It is strictly forbidden for foreign objects to enter the air duct.
4. The use site of methanol burner should be far away from flammable and explosive materials, and fire extinguishing equipment should be provided.
5. Adjust the oil pressure appropriately according to the indicated value of the oil pressure.
6. Regularly check the combustion tube, impeller, flame detector and ignition electrode of the methanol burner to remove oil and carbon deposits. Especially the flame detector should be kept clean and not wet.
7. Be sure to cut off the power supply when maintaining the methanol burner.