How to choose a methanol burner for boiler?

 News     |      2020-09-16 09:57
Whether it is electricity or fuel, the use of old-school industrial equipment is accompanied by a certain degree of danger. Careless use can easily cause industrial accidents, which is a situation that people are unwilling to happen. When using the boiler methanol burner as a combustion device, you must pay attention to the corresponding precautions. What is the basis for the selection of methanol burner?

What is the basis for the selection of boiler methanol burner?

Many people are hesitant to choose which methanol burner is better.
In fact, we choose the boiler methanol burner and the selection of things are based on the same principle, we still have to do it according to our needs.

First of all, before we buy, we have to clarify what we want it to do, that is, what are the requirements for its function; and then choose different types of boiler methanol burners according to the different use environments.

Please continue to read on how to choose. After the user selects the fuel, he should select the boiler methanol burner according to his own economic ability and equipment requirements.

The corresponding cost of choosing fully automatic products will be relatively high, but the advantage is that you do not need to configure your own fan and control system, convenient operation, high furnace temperature control accuracy, and safety.

According to the furnace temperature and pressure (furnace internal pressure), when ordering a boiler methanol burner, you must explain to the manufacturer which type of equipment your equipment belongs to, how high the temperature in the furnace is, and whether the furnace is positive or negative pressure. Probably how high it is.

Because the furnace temperature is different, its structure is also different, and the selected materials are even different; the boiler methanol burner selected for the furnace positive pressure overcomes the higher pressure, and the boiler methanol burner selected for the furnace negative pressure overcomes the lower pressure. The type of fuel, the user must first determine what fuel he uses, and then carefully select the boiler methanol burner according to the fuel he chooses. For example, if the fuel is diesel, the methanol burner of oil-fired boiler should be used; if the fuel is gas, the methanol burner of gas boiler should be used.

According to regional selection, different regions have different requirements for boiler methanol burners. In some cities, its boiler methanol burner control system requires low temperature resistance; in other regions, it requires the control system to withstand both high temperature and low temperature; but in plateau areas, the pressure is low, and standard boiler methanol burners are This will face the problem of insufficient output, and this factor must be considered when selecting.

How to choose a methanol burner?

Methanol burners have been developed in China for nearly 10 years. The market has initially stabilized and scaled up, and many large and small boiler methanol burner manufacturers have emerged, with different product quality and price. The following are some suggestions for some companies to choose a boiler methanol burner, for reference only.

1. Examination of corporate qualifications, examination of the company's R&D team and after-sales service, and market reputation.

2. The functional commonality and difference with the mainstream methanol burner on the market;

3. For the material matching of the main body of the methanol burner, different materials should be used for different parts.

4. The scientificity and practicality of the control system.

5. The main design idea of boiler methanol burner, different types of methanol burner should be used for heating of different equipment.

Commissioning of methanol burner

1. Check whether the external diesel oil is in place, the pipeline is unobstructed, and the external power supply control is in place.

2. Adjust the load of the methanol burner of the boiler to a small load, and adjust the ignition position to a small load accordingly. Turn off the large load to ignite and observe the flame condition, and adjust the servo motor or damper according to the flame condition.

3. When adjusting the large fire output of the methanol burner of the boiler, it is necessary to gradually adjust from a relatively small load to a large load according to the load of the heating equipment, and adjust the servo motor or the damper accordingly according to the situation.

4. Observe whether the flame has partial fire, insufficient flame burning, vibration, etc.

5. After the adjustment, fire several times to observe whether the ignition is good.

Methanol burners are currently in my country’s industry market, and there is no standard distinction between industrial and civilian use. For example, the civilian food processing industry, roast duck, roast chicken, etc. require methanol burners in mass production lines. Large-scale industrial boilers and steelmaking production also require methanol burners.

In recent years, as the energy situation of electricity shortage, oil shortage, electricity price rise, oil price rise, etc., the awareness of biomass energy conservation and environmental protection of various industries and enterprises has gradually strengthened, and there is an urgent need for a substitute for electricity, diesel, coal, natural gas, and liquefied gas. The new type of methanol burner.