How to adjust the burner of rotary kiln

 News     |      2020-07-03 16:10

As an important part of rotary kiln equipment, the use of burner plays a very important role in the calcination effect of rotary kiln.The purpose of adjusting the burner is to change both the burning speed and the shape of the flame.Red Star machine experts through long-term research found that in the production process kiln head burners often need to be adjusted according to the following conditions.

Rotary Kiln Burner

1, according to the flame color and burning band temperature to adjust.

Flame color: On ignition, control in dark red and light yellow;When peeling, keep it in light yellow and white.Normally controlled in white or white shiny.The flame color can reflect the temperature of the firing zone. If the temperature is too low, the internal wind should be increased appropriately.Higher temperatures should reduce internal wind.


2. Adjust according to the kiln shell.

The normal thickness of the kiln shell is 200-300mm, the surface is flat, the length of the main kiln shell is 13-18m, and the length of the by-kiln shell is 18-20m. The burner must be moved every shift to make the by-kiln shell fall and long dynamic repeating process and prevent the ring forming.


3. Adjust the granulation of materials in the kiln.

If the granulation in the kiln is 40mm and the materials are sticky, it means that the temperature is high, the external wind should be increased to lengthen the flame.On the contrary, increase the internal wind and increase the firing temperature, but must pay attention to the lining condition of the firing belt.


4. Adjust the position of the ring in the kiln to meet the needs of the firing ring.


5. Adjust the conditions in the kiln according to the shift needs.


6. Adjust the total amount and pressure of the primary wind to ensure that the coal injection pipe has sufficient thrust.


7. Adjusting the inner diameter of the coal pipe and changing the outlet wind speed are supplementary measures to change the thrust of the coal pipe.


8. Adjust the ratio of internal and external wind.The internal wind is the swirling wind, making the flame shorter and thicker;The outer wind is the axial flow wind, which thins and lengthens the flame.