Do you know the four advantages of biomass pellet burners?

 News     |      2021-07-13 11:18
Do you know the four advantages of biomass pellet burners?
Do you know the four major advantages of biomass burners to transform coal-fired boilers? Biomass burners are the most popular equipment for transforming coal-fired boilers and burning biomass fuels in recent years. So what are the advantages of biomass burners? Did you know everything? Today I will give you a special introduction to several outstanding advantages of biomass gas turbines.
1. Combustion of biomass pellet fuel in the biomass burner is better than the direct combustion of biomass pellet fuel in coal-fired boilers. Firstly, it has higher combustion efficiency, and secondly, it burns fully, and the combustion conditions are more scientific and stable. The biomass pellet fuel has a faster fire and higher flame. , High calorific value, able to provide a good and stable heat supply boiler.
2. The emissions from biomass burners are compared with coal-fired emissions, because the combustion is more complete and complete. The carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, smoke and nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases after the burner burns are few. Within the national emission standards, this is an environmental advantage that coal-fired boilers do not have.
3. Compared with the purchase of new biomass boilers, the transformation of biomass burners can greatly reduce transformation investment by using the original boilers, and the construction period is short, which can effectively reduce the impact of transformation on enterprise production.
4. Biomass burners can burn a variety of biomass fuels processed from waste from agriculture and forestry. They are environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources. Unlike traditional fossil energy sources, which are non-renewable, biomass burners have the characteristics of renewable energy. .
Through the above introduction of the advantages of biomass burners to transform coal-fired boilers, on the one hand, biomass burners are scientifically designed and have high combustion efficiency. On the other hand, they can reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, soot and nitrogen oxides. Protect the atmospheric environment; on the other hand, the investment is small and the effect is quick. In addition, the biomass fuel burned by biomass burners is environmentally friendly and renewable energy. Therefore, under the background of banning coal-fired boilers, biomass burners have a broad application prospects for reforming coal-fired boilers, and have good social, economic and environmental benefits. benefit.