Do you know the characteristics of these industrial nature gas burners?

 News     |      2021-05-07 17:17
Do you know the characteristics of these industrial nature gas burners?
The decomposition and installation of gas burners are well matched, and are divided into integral burners and split burners according to the structure.
Among them, the split burner is mainly used in industrial production, and its main feature is that the combustion system, air supply system, control system, etc. are all decomposed and installed. This kind of machine is mainly suitable for large equipment or special working environments such as high temperature. Whether a good combustor is installed on a boiler and still has the same good combustion performance depends largely on whether the aerodynamic characteristics of the two match.
Only a good match can give full play to the performance of the gas burner, ensure the stable combustion of the furnace, achieve the expected thermal energy output, and obtain the good thermal efficiency of the boiler. The size of the back pressure directly affects the output of the burner, and the back pressure is related to the size of the furnace, the length and geometry of the flue.
The following is a summary of the advantages of this type of burner.
1. High thermal efficiency: The gas combustion engine can adapt to pressure fluctuations and adjust the air distribution (that is, the gas pressure is high, and the air intake is more; the gas pressure is low, and the air intake is less), the combustion is sufficient, and the thermal efficiency is high;
2. High safety: The burner is equipped with a small fire. When the boiler starts, light a small fire first. When the small fire burns normally and steadily, the automatic control system opens the main gas valve, and the fuel enters the boiler for normal combustion without deflagration;
3. Strong fuel adaptability: The low-nitrogen burner only needs to replace a few parts and can be applied to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas mixture and other types of gas.