Characteristics and advantages of pulverized coal four-channel burners

 News     |      2021-05-07 17:21
Characteristics and advantages of pulverized coal burners
Bona thermal pulverized coal burners are divided into four-channel burners. The characteristics and advantages of pulverized coal burners
1. The suspension device of the pulverized coal burner can be telescopic and deflected according to the working conditions in the kiln, and adjust its working part in the kiln to make the thermal system stable and reliable;
2. The inner and outer pipes of the cyclone air channel adopt an axial telescopic structure, which can be adjusted in real time according to the working conditions, so that the nozzle has an expansion and extension effect;
3. The blackness of the flue gas emitted by the pulverized coal burner is Ringelmann 0-1;
4. The fixed carbon content of the ash in the pulverized coal burner is about 0.1%, and there is basically no carbon powder;
5. The energy saving rate of the new pulverized coal burner is 15-30%;
6. The flue gas content in the burner is changed to the lower flue without any dust removal equipment in the flue. As long as the wind coal is fully burned, the standard can be reached;
7. New technologies and new materials ensure service life: The wear-resistant parts of the four-channel pulverized coal burner have been specially coated with abrasion-resistant coating technology, which increases the wear-resistant life of key parts of the burner by 5-10 times compared with ordinary steel.
1. The pulverized coal burner has a variety of adjustment methods. The different ratios of the internal and external air and the outlet jet flow pattern can be steplessly adjusted in a wide range under the condition of the total cooling constant, so as to obtain a flame shape that can adapt to any working condition;
2. The temperature rise time of this type of pulverized coal burner is shortened when heating, the thermal efficiency is high, and the coal quality requirement is low, the coal type is widely applicable, and the economic benefit is high;
3. The pulverized coal burner can effectively reduce coal consumption. Theory and practice show that every 1% reduction in primary air volume can reduce heat consumption by 8.70~10.46kJ/kg fuel, and at the same time, the secondary air temperature is significantly increased;
4. The internal temperature field of the pulverized coal burner is uniform, the heating surface of the heated body in the furnace is large, the slag does not stick to the surface of the workpiece, and the product quality is good;
5. The pulverized coal stays in the high temperature zone of the pulverized coal burner for a long time, so the combustion efficiency is high, and the flue directly emits no black smoke, which is steamy white smoke;
6. The pulverized coal burner is easy to ignite, heat up quickly, and work efficiency is greatly improved;
7. The air supply and coal input of the burner can be changed as needed, and the furnace temperature and flame length can be adjusted in a wide range to meet actual needs;
8. Reasonable structure and excellent overall performance: The four-channel pulverized coal burner has beautiful appearance, complete supporting facilities, low system resistance, flexible and fast flame adjustment, convenient maintenance, and the overall performance has reached the level of foreign multi-channel burners.