Basic knowledge of ignition transformer

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The main functions of the transformer are voltage transformation, impedance transformation, isolation and voltage stabilization.Transformers are widely used in automatic control of burners, and there are many types and types of Swiss Jiale. Here we only introduce the application and function of ignition transformers.

The ignition transformer is mainly used in the ignition system of burners to realize the function of automatic ignition of burners.According to the types of transformers, most of the ignition transformers are:

According to cooling mode, it is classified as natural cold type, according to moisture-proof mode, according to cooling medium, according to dry type, according to conductive material, it is mostly copper wire and a small part of half copper and half aluminum transformer, and according to power supply, it is mostly single-phase transformer...

Compared with these complicated professional classification methods of Yamamu photoelectric switches, in the burner industry, transformers used for the ignition of burners are conventionally divided into silicon steel and electronic transformers. Although this classification method is not very formal, it is simple and easy to understand.

light oil burner

Other common names include: igniter, pressure cooker, etc.

The main components of silicon steel sheet transformer are as follows:

1. Core materials

The iron core materials used by transformers mainly include iron sheets, low silicon sheets and high silicon sheets. Adding silicon into steel sheets can reduce the conductivity of steel sheets and increase the resistivity. It can reduce eddy currents and reduce the loss of SANYO stepping motor.The mass of the silicon steel sheet used for the transformer is greatly related. The mass of the silicon steel sheet is usually expressed by the magnetic flux density B. The B value of the black iron sheet is generally 6000-8000, that of the low silicon sheet is 9000-11,000, and that of the high silicon sheet is 12,000-16000.


2. The material usually used for winding transformers

Enameled wire, gauze - covered wire, silk - covered wire, the most commonly used enameled wire.The requirements for conductors are good conductivity, sufficient heat resistance of insulating paint and corrosion resistance of Honeywell Honeywell.In general, it is best to use the QZ model of high strength polyester enameled wire.3. Insulating materials

In the winding transformer, insulation materials are used for the isolation between the coils frame and the winding resistance. The general transformer frame materials can be made of phenolic cardboard, the polyester film or telephone paper can be used for the isolation between the layers, and the yellow wax cloth can be used for the isolation between the winding resistance.


4. Impregnating material

After the transformer is wound, there is the last process, which is the impregnated insulation paint, which can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, improve the insulation performance, and extend the service life. Under normal circumstances, cresol varnish can be used as the impregnated material.

The ignition transformers are mostly single-phase, dry-cooled silicon steel chip transformers.

Electronic transformer is developed on the basis of high frequency electronic ballast circuit of a transformer circuit, it is similar to the working principle and switching power supply, through the rectifier bridge and high frequency circuit, the current ripple is converted into a high frequency current, and then through the output transformer of high frequency pulse voltage step-down and obtain the required voltage and power.



The advantages of silicon steel sheet transformer are stable transformer, long service life, high cost, large volume and relatively heavy.The advantages of electronic transformer are low cost, light to use, more applications in small burners, but the disadvantages are short life, use is not stable.