An overview of split burner

 News     |      2020-06-30 17:35

The split burner is designed for natural gas and gas-fired fuels with a calorific value of over 5000Kcal/Nm3.Gas nozzles are multi - point and multi - Angle dispersed injection channels.Combined with a rotating air jet channel, it enhances the mixing of gases and burning air, thus ensuring stable and full combustion.

The burner is designed with a stabilizing device in the central region to provide a stable combustion ignition temperature for the fuel entering the region to ensure the stable combustion of the fuel.
spilt type burner of BNTET

The burner also has the following performance characteristics:

1. Split burner ensures that the flame does not deflect under operating conditions, ensures that the flame does not directly flush the furnace wall, and the flame size matches the structure of the boiler furnace;

2. The structure of the split burner is specially designed with high intensity axial flow, medium intensity swirling air and low intensity central low-speed air into the furnace.Its fuel distribution is an adjustable fractional fuel transfer to control NOx and other pollutant production;This series of combustion engine adopts airflow classification and supermixing technology, which makes combustion more stable and reliable, temperature field more uniform, and reaches ultra-low NOx emission of 20mg/Nm3.

NOx emissions NOx5000kcal/Nm3

3. Output power: 7MW-70MW

4. Adjust the ratio as high as 1:10

5. Combustion efficiency can reach 99.99% or more

6. Control by means of PLC/ program controller, etc

Characteristics of the split type burners

1. Adopt combustion simulation technology to realize personalized design, and match the flame size with the boiler furnace structure

2. Low pollutant emission, NOx