Reasons for the increase in fuel consumption of burners

 News     |      2020-10-20 08:49
When we use the burner for a long time, we will feel that the fuel consumption has increased. In fact, the increase in fuel may not only be caused by the internal problems of the equipment, but also by our operation. There are three reasons for the increase in fuel consumption. The following is simple Understand.

1. The efficiency of the machine is reduced. When using the burner, we often only use it after the first debugging, and we don’t frequently repair and debug. This may cause the bottom wind to be too small, uneven bottom wind, and induced wind Too big, too big or too small secondary air, these reasons may cause the efficiency of the machine to decrease. If these are all ok, then you can also check whether the vent is blocked, and if so, you should go regularly. Cleaning up and clogging of the vent may also reduce the efficiency of the machine, and extremely reduced efficiency may cause an increase in fuel consumption.

2. The fuel itself, the fuel problem you can consider from several aspects, such as the calorific value, density, moisture and packaging of the fuel you are using. If your fuel is non-pure wood chips, it will cause the particle combustion value to be too low and the density If it is not enough, it may be because the particles you are using contain sand, glue, and talc, which may increase the amount of burners, and lower fuel efficiency will increase fuel consumption.

3. The operating conditions of the burner have changed, and the operating conditions of the application equipment have changed generally in three aspects. One is the change in temperature, the other is the decrease in equipment efficiency, and the third is the increase in production output. These are all possible to increase fuel consumption. The big reason.
Burners follow the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction to contribute to environmental protection. If the fuel increases, the first will cause waste, and the second will increase the cost of the product, which is a waste for the enterprise, and it is also not achieved. Energy saving effect.