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Why Choose Us?
20 years of burner manufacturing experience,serving ten thousand companies,Dozens of patents for burner invention technology,we are more professional!
Rich Experience
Strong supporting the production capacity, with long-term accumulation of technical experience, to improve the quality of the pursuit, to provide customers with a full range of burner products and service.
Best Products
With innovative production technology, it is far ahead of the same industry in gas burners and oil burners and non-standard burners!
Technical Team
Has a complete R & D technical team and experienced engineers in the production of burners, with dozens of invention patents!
Best Service
Professional service team, determine design consultancy, late after-sales service, service to customers with high demands!
As a professional manufacturer of the burner,we export Gas Burner,Heavy oil burner,Light oil and Gas burner,Heavy oil and Gas burner,Multi Channel Burner, Coal Gas Burner,Low NOx Burner,Hot Air Furnace etc!
Our Customers
Cooperative Enterprise
Plant Area
Our Staff
we can supply Gas burner,asphalt burner,boiler burner,rotary kiln burner,heavy oil burner,gas burner,we have many burner case
Africa Ghana split burner

For the split burner ordered by Ghana, Africa, our engineers guide the customer to install it on site...

Uzbekistan rotary kiln burner

Uzbekistan customers come to the factory to inspect the burners of the rotary kiln...

3 million kcal oil and gas dual-purpose burner for

3 million kcal oil and gas dual-purpose burner for Dubai customer...

Russian customers come to the factory to consider b

Russian burner agents came to our factory to inspect gas burners and signed a letter of intent for cooperation...

Chinese burner manufacturers export gas burners, diesel burners, heavy oil burners, light oil burners, kiln burners, boiler burners,Multi-channel burner,burner parts etc.
The difference between one - piece and split type
1. Highly intelligent flame detector and intelligent unit. 2. Built-in powerful CPU, with fuzzy logic function. 3. Each intelligent unit has a liquid crystal display (LCD) with 16×2 char...[2020-07-22]
Purpose and product characteristics of hydrogen bur
Many people have heard of gas burner, fuel burner, even many people have used, today we have a unusual burner, he is hydrogen gas burner, what is the hydrogen gas burner, he has what purpose, what is t...[2020-07-22]
What measures are taken to prevent tempering of hyd
The method to prevent tempering is based on the premise of reducing flame propagation speed, increasing outlet velocity of gas-air mixture and ensuring uniform velocity field.The anti-tempering measure...[2020-07-22]
Difficulties in fire inspection
It is difficult to identify flame from different burners.Because the frequency of flame of adjacent burner is very close to the main flame sometimes, frequency signal should be analyzed in order to imp...[2020-07-21]